Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu Asks Do Your Car’s Carpets Need Cleaning?

Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu Asks Do Your Car’s Carpets Need Cleaning?

You may not notice it but the carpets in your car’s interior seem to be one of the dirtiest parts of your vehicle. Just imagine how many pairs of feet trudge on it everyday. Just count how many times they did become the location of food bits and food wrappers. Also keep in mind how many times did these carpets become the target of spilled drinks.

It is not surprising if you would find your carpet all dirty. Dirty is not quite an issue. The difficult thing to attend to would be if your car’s carpets have become stained because of everything that has come in contact with it. If you consider this to be quite a difficult task, remember that the more you keep the task of cleaning them aside, the more difficult it would be to take the stains out. All it takes are a couple of easy steps to clean your carpets and make them stain-free.

You should first remove the floor mat of your vehicle. Sometimes, stains also dwell here. Blot and scrape away any residue of whatever is staining your carpet. You can use a hard plastic spatula or plastic knife to remove any residue still left hanging on the carpet and on the floor mat.

The rule of the thumb is to try the most gentle of all solutions first in cleaning these mats and carpets. If you can do away with warm water, then go ahead. However, if this does not do the trick, you can try using mild soap. Just let your solutions sit on the stain first for a couple of minutes to let the stain soften up and then wipe it away after.

Keep in mind though that there still are stains that are hard to remove. If after trying everything out and the stain still remains, it is time to take a more aggressive approach. Use a specialised commercial carpet cleaner. Most come in spray-form and can easily be obtained from your local Super-Cheap-Auto oulet or Repco. The real pros though use the Chem-Dry spray, it is especially formulated to remove even stubborn stains, without necessarily destrying your fabric or discolouring it. Just spray it on, wait for 30 seconds, then use a damp cloth and scrub the area hard. Let it dry and check. If necessary repeat. That should take care of stubborn stains and leave your car’s carpet looking clean.

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