Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu on Driving Lessons For Teenagers

Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu on Driving Lessons For Teenagers

So how do you teach a teenager to drive?

When teaching a teenager to drive, you should first ask yourself if you do have the patience and the right amount of knowledge to do away with the task. If not, it would be much better for you to have another person teach the teenager instead. You could have your spouse, your friend, or a driving teacher to do the job for you.

Now, before you go ahead and teach your teenager student, check if he or she has a learner’s permit, license or any other requirement necessary for driving students to have. It is best to be on the safe side. You would not want to be caught by the police or any other traffic enforcers teaching a teenager who does not even have a “Learner’s License” or driving permit whatsoever. Then, review him or her about the rules of the road. If you send them to a professional driving school these are mostly taught during the required classroom hours before they can actually get on the road. Get as many test kits from the Automobile Association of New Zealand (AA) and let them practise their theoretical knowledge first, so they know all the relevant rules and regulations before they are even allowed behind the steerig wheel.

Start by driving the car to an empty parking lot. Or you may also try going to a driving course. That way, there would be enough space for your teenager to work and learn their driving techniques. Then, start explaining the basic workings and mechanisms of the entire car. This should include everything from the inside to the outside. Do this before you actually let your teenager start the engine. Go through details about the car. Make sure that your student driver understands everything. Repeat everything if you have to, ask them questions and see if they actually retained anything you said. Best to take away their mobile phone for the duration of this instructional period, otherwise you won’t get their attention at all!

Give them a pratical demonstration on where the spare tire is, the wheel-brace and jack. Pretend the car has a flat tire and demonstate how to exchange a flat tire, including setting up a warning sign or torch 50 meters behind the car to warn upcoming drivers. Once you have shown them how to change a wheel, get them to do it as well. Naturally they may moan and groan about it because they just want to get behind the wheel and get driving. Don’t give in ! Make this a compulsary step, and they’ll be grateful if they ever get stuck with a flat tire on a deserted road. Teach them never to rely on their cell-phone for help to be called, and to be self-reliant. This is particularly important for female learner drivers, they need to be as capable and comfortable changing a tire in the middle of the night as their male counterparts. Girls Can Do Anything – And They Should!

After teaching him/her the basics and the theories, it is time to show it to them through a demonstration. Show them how everything works. Demonstrate how the lights work, as well as other part of the car like the seat belts, wipers, indicators, horn, emergency lights, and transmission (or if your car is a manual – how gear-shifts work in conjunction with the clutch).

With the lesson done, it is your time to sit on the passenger’s side and have your teenager start up the engine. While they do this, point out how acceleration, braking, and the smooth transmission shifts feel. As they drive, point out corrections, warnings, as well as tips.

Most importantly – stay calm! Your teenager may try and be all cool and collected and act as if its the easiest thing of the world, but don’t be fooled – they will be scared, highly stressed, and worried to make a mistake. Be reassuring and non-judgemental in your approach.

Make sure you have checked with your insurer what your situation is if your daughter or son prangs the car or damages someone else’s car. Most insurers will place a significantly higher excess on your vehcle if it is driven by a teenage driver.

Obviousy you want to make 100% sure your car is technically safe and sound before you use it to drive, even more so if you want to use it to teach your son or daughter how to drive. Before you do – best to take your car to Simon at CVS in Ihakara Street. Simon at Complete Vehicle Services in Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast is an MTA Certified Mechanic, and he is the best person who can technically and professionally check up on your car’s safety. For Peace of Mind contact Simon today on 04 902 6066 to make an appointment, or contact Simon directly at CLICK HERE

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