Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu On Getting a Warranty On A Second Hand Car

Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu On Getting a Warranty On A Second Hand Car

Just because you buy a car second hand it doesn’t mean that you don’t have rights. However, what rights you have will all depend on where you purchase the car from.

Knowing what your rights are and what you can do about them can be a problem when it comes to second hand vehicles because the vehicle could have hidden faults or the conditions defined in order for the vehicle to meet satisfactory conditions is lower.

When buying a second hand car from a dealer, many will give you the option to pay for an extended warranty over the standard one year guarantee or something similar such as mechanic breakdown cover. However, while you are paying for peace of mind, it does come at a price.

The most important thing to remember if you do have a problem with a second hand car is to act as soon as the problem is discovered. This is because the outcome depends on the condition the vehicle was sold in and if you had the vehicle some time it could affect your claim.

If you bought the car from a dealer then the car must be fit for the purpose it is sold, in satisfactory condition and must meet the description which was given. Any defects must have been pointed out to the buyer by the dealer before the sale was made. If you have problems then it could be helpful to have the car evaluated by a professional.

If the car was bought at an auction then you may possibly not have any rights under consumer law. If you have problems with a car purchased this way, then seek professional advice from an organisation like the AA (Automobile Association). When deciding to buy from an Auction House check out their website and take the time to actually read through their disclaimers and Terms and Conditions, best to know what you are getting into.

If you buy the car from a private seller then you do have rights but less than had you bought the car from a dealer. However the vehicle has to be as described, has to have the correct documentation and has to be roadworthy. It needs to have a current Warrant of Fitness. If you are not sure then best to take ot to Simon at CVS in Ihakara Street to have it checked through before you purchase.

Simon at Complete Vehicle Services in Paraparaumu on the Kapiti Coast is an MTA Certified Mechanic, and he is the best person who can technically and professionally check up on your vehicle’s safety. For Peace of Mind contact Simon today on 04 902 6066 to make an appointment, or contact Simon directly at CLICK HERE

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