Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu States Driving In The Fog Is Dangerous

Complete Vehicle Services Paraparaumu States Driving In The Fog Is Dangerous

With autumn and winter approaching fast driving conditions will soon change for the worse. If you think that driving in the fog is much safer compared to driving in the snow or in a torrential downpour, then think again. The truth is that driving through fog can increase your chances of having accidents or collisions much greater than you think.

If you happened to turn on your television set just recently, you would have learnt that there was an accident in China that was related to driving in foggy conditions. There were a dozen or so trucks that went colliding into one another. There were a couple of people dead and a greater number hurt and wounded. That just simply goes to show that we should not underestimate the power of fog on average driiving coonditions. Ever year reports s from the German Autobahn, a 4 – 6 lane highway system with no speed limits, of horrific crash-scenes involving dozens of cars piled up due to thick fog.

When driving during a foggy day, it is important that you drive slowly. With fog, the usual thing that you would experience is a shortened range of vision. Now, if you are driving slowly, you would be able to stop your vehicle immediately if you need to. Also, it is important to turn on your lights. That way, you are letting others know that you are on the road.

If you are about to leave the road and park your car, make sure that you are completely off and even left to the shoulder. you should turn off all your driving lights and keep in mind to turn on your emertgency indicators. This kind of situation actually gives other motorists the message that you are off the road and you would not be driving back just yet.

Keeping your windows clear could be quite a problem for you, as fog can leave a fine mist of spray which combined with the usual grime and road pollutants can create a smear as soon as you turn on your windshield wipers. Always make sure you have the window wiper fluid topped up so you can squirt and clear your windows quickly for better vision.

Although it may be convenient and even may make sense to follow the red tail-lights of the car in front of you – do not follow too closely or you are in real danger of being the victim of a multi-car-pile-up. Keep your distance and drive according to the conditions.

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